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Available Items
These items are available at your specified time.

Duck á l'Orange GF $34.00 each
partially boneless roasted half duck in a triple sec orange glaze

Lamb Rack* GF $32.00 each
Australian rack of lamb roasted with rosemary and garlic in a Chardonnay lamb stock reduction

Duroc Pork Chop* GF $27.00 each
double cut pork chop in a bourbon grade A maple syrup sauce

Elk Chop* GF $42.00 each
seared elk chop with a fig-vanilla infused balsamic vinegar reduction and macadamia parsley pesto

Chicken Boscaiola GF $23.00 each
sautéed all-natural chicken breast and mixed mushrooms in a creamy aurora sauce

Veal Massimo $32.00 each
seared veal loin scallopini sautéed with shiitake mushrooms and shallots in a Cognac cream sauce, garnished with black truffle

Veal Scallopini $27.00 each
veal scallopini sautéed with garlic, asparagus, artichokes, pine nuts and fresh tomato in a white wine-butter-parsley sauce

Veal Chop al Formaggio
pounded and breaded veal chop with Parmesan cheese Alfredo sauce

Filet Mignon* GF
seared 8 oz. peppercorn mélange crusted prime cut filet mignon in a port wine-Gorgonzola sauce